Bathing Tortoises

Many owners do not often see their tortoises drinking and this is normal due to the fact that owner put the tortoise in a bowl half full of water and they immediately fight to get out.

Firstly owners need to remember that tortoises cannot swim, unlike turtles and terrapins.

Bathing Tortoises

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If you place the tortoise in a large bowl without water and fill a jug of luke warm water, by pouring the water over the shell, this is simulate the rain fall hitting the shell.

This in turn will encourage your tortoise to urinate and replenish its stocks of water by drinking.

You may see your tortoise put its nose to the bottom of the bowl, and if you look at its neck you will see it drinking.

Remember to allow the water to sit just under me bottom jaw.

It is believed that tortoise can take in water through a vent in the tail also.

It was thought that tortoises do not drink, but only take moisture from their food, they do both.

Owner can take this opportunity to clean their tortoise’s shell using a surgical scrub and an old nail or tooth brush.

Simply pour a little diluted scrub on the shell, avoiding the face and scrub the top and bottom of the shell clean including the arms, legs and tail.

Rinse all traces of scrub from the tortoise and dry.

Do not be tempted to apply any oils or lotion to make the shell look clean and shiny, this will only form a barrier between the shell and the suns rays.

Take this opportunity to check the shell for shell rot.

If you require any further information on caring for your tortoise visit the British Tortoise Society International Website.

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